Headcovers Unlimited 100% Cotton Slouchy Snood | Slouchy Beanie Hat | Cancer Hats for Chemo Charcoal


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This soft all cotton turban provides body and fullness to the head, making this cap particularly flattering for women with hair loss from cancer, chemo or other conditions. Made in USA.This 100% cotton cap has pleated accordion detailing which drapes low in the back, providing flattering fullness. This snood style cap is also an excellent choice for women who would like to cover their hair for modesty, religious reasons or bad hair days.A unique, flattering design provides fullness to give the look of hair underneath. US Patent Pending.
This soft, comfortable look is made from the finest 100% cotton fabric.
This cap provides total head coverage, perfect for women with hair loss due to cancer, chemo.
One size fits most. Made and designed in the USA. Ships from Houston, Texas.
The soft feel of this cap is ideal for women with sensitive scalps because it won’t itch or scratch.

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