Meditation to Help You Fight Cancer, Improve Sleep Quality and Wake Up Refreshed, Guided Meditation and Imagery with Healing Words and Soothing Music by Belleruth Naparstek from Health Journeys


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The Health Journeys guided cancer meditation CD offers 41 relaxing, inspiring minutes of guided imagery and affirmations designed to help the body mobilize a strong immune response to fight cancer naturally, alongside conventional treatments of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Belleruth Naparstek s carefully constructed narrative on this cancer meditation imagines tumors shrinking and fighter cells triumphing over cancer cells, while a protective cushion of love and support surrounds the listener. The result of repeated listening is a dissipation of fear and discouragement; and an upturn in hope, motivation and positivity. Naparstek s calm, trustworthy voice is beautifully paired with the exquisitely soothing music of Steven Mark Kohn, to set up the most powerful impact for assisting the body with its own natural ways to fight cancer. A separate track of affirmations bolsters the healing, hypnotic cancer meditation with brief, positive suggestions in a format that can be heard and enjoyed while engaged in other activities, including driving. Meditation and cancer treatment are natural partners, and these state-of-the-art guided meditations for cancer are recommended and distributed by the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Dana Farber, Memorial Sloane Kettering and Kaiser Permanente.(Running Time: 41 minutes)Used Book in Good Condition

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